"There is more to life than increasing its speed." -- Mohandas Gandhi
"This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; no need forComplicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the Philosophy is kindness." --- Dalai Lama
"This is love: to fly toward a secret sky, to cause a hundred veils to fall each moment. First to let go of life. Finally, to take a step without feet." ---Rumi
"All that we are is a result of all that we have thought" ---Bhudda
"If every household in the US replaced one bottle of shower cleaner containing chlorine bleach with a hydrogen-peroxide-based shower cleaner we could prevent 1 million pounds of chlorine from entering our environment."
"If every household in the US replaced just one box of 48 oz petroleum-based powder laundry detergent with a vegetable-based product we could save 96,000 barrels of oil."
"Not by harming life does one become noble.One is termed noble for being gentle to all living things." ---Dhammapada, 19, translated by Thanissaro Bhikkhu.
"If every household in the US replaced just one box of 85-sheet virgin-fiber facial tissue with recycled ones, we could save 280,000 trees."
"He who knows that all things are his mind, That all with which he meets are friendly, Is ever joyful." ---Hundred Thousand Songs of Milarepa
"If every household in the US replaced just one 25 oz bottle of petroleum-based dishwashing liquid with a plant-based product, we could save 81,000 barrels of oil."
"In whom there dwells no self-deception and no pride, Who is desireless, whose wrath is put away, whose self hath cool become --He is Brahmin." ---Udana
"If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion." ---- His Holiness the Dalai Lama
"In our every deliberation, we must consider the impact of the decisions on the next seven generations." ---Great Law of the Iroquois
"Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible." ---- Dalai Lama
"You must be the change you wish to see in the world" ---Mahatma Gandhi

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4 Best Reasons to Hire a House Cleaning Maid Service

House cleaning is an unavoidable task for every homeowner. Just like you cannot evade taking care of your family or going to your workplace, house cleaning is also something that falls under your priority list. But sometimes, owing to your busy life, cleaning your home can be a demanding task; you come back home from your work, completely exhausted, only to find a pile of clothes lying on the bed, floor covered with dust, beds not made and the entire house in mess!

If that is the regular story of your life, it is time to call up the best house cleaning maid services to make your home clean, tidy and hygienic. The idea of hiring a house maid might make you think about whether it is worth the money.

Hence in this blog, we shall discuss the various advantages that you will get by hiring a company that provides house cleaning maid service.

1.It gives you peace of mind- The biggest advantage that a house cleaning maid service will never fail to provide you is your mental peace. When you allow your house to get cleaned by a qualified house cleaning maid, you simultaneously grant yourself the freedom to concentrate on your other priorities like cooking a new dish for your family, going out to a new place, doing your office work at home in a free mind and many other things.

2.They are experienced- When you are hiring an expert house cleaning service, you can remain assured that your house will be cleaned by only experienced cleaning professionals. House cleaning is not as easy as it sounds, sometimes it can be challenging (like getting rid of pet hair from the furniture or stubborn sticky stains from the countertops). This is where an experienced maid service comes to the rescue! Professional house cleaning maids are trained and qualified to implement the right cleaning methods and also use the appropriate cleaning tools so that your rooms and furniture display a spotless shine.

3.Cleaning of every nook and corner- When you clean your house yourself, you may have come across certain areas that are difficult to reach and so you leave that space out. But this is not the case when you assign the job to any qualified cleaning professionals in San Francisco; they will clean every nook and corner, cracks and crevices of your rooms. They have cleaning tools designed to clean the hard-to-reach areas and so this makes it possible for them to clean those places efficiently. Hence if you have not been able to clean the ceiling vents, the fan blades or window blinds for a long time, a house cleaning maid is surely the one suitable for you.

4.They practice Eco-friendly cleaning- When you clean your home, you must be using the easily available commercial cleaning products that include harmful chemicals. Hence there is a higher risk of polluting the environment and affecting your family member’s health. But by hiring an expert house cleaning service, your home will be cleaned with only Eco-friendly and biodegradable products. As a result, it will be safe for your surrounding as well as for your family as well.

Conclusion- From the above discussion, it is clear that if you don’t have time to clean your home, hiring a company that provides house cleaning maid services is a guaranteed way to see your home clean, happy and sparkling. To know more about house cleaning services, visit https://www.greenforce.biz/

The Perks of Green Cleaning


There are almost a limitless amount of different kinds of cleaning products you can use for your home, and the amount of brands available can be overwhelming.

However, many of these products have one thing in common, chemicals. The chemicals present in these products may do a good job in making your home clean, but they also come with many negative side effects that are not only harmful to the environment but it could also be harmful to your health. Here are a few things you need to know about green cleaning and, how it can benefit your life:

  • Natural Ingredients
    One of the main perks of green cleaning supplies and cleaning services in San Francisco, California, is the fact that the products being used contain natural ingredients. This means that there are no harmful chemicals that could make you sick, or that could harm the environment because everything within the product is something that is not harmful. This also makes our products easier to biodegrade.
  • Better Health
    Many conventional cleaning products contain very dangerous chemicals that could be life-threatening in certain situations. These chemicals can be particularly dangerous if you have children in the house. However, by using green products or by hiring professionals that use green cleaning supplies, this problem is something you do not have to worry about since all of the products being used are natural and safe.
  • Affordable
    Good and quality products must be expensive right? They are actually very affordable, and in many cases cheaper than most conventional cleaning supplies. They are also quite effective in keeping your home clean and smelling good. This is a big reason why we use green cleaning products through our house cleaning services, so we can provide an affordable but high-quality service for you.

Those are just a few of the many perks that you can enjoy from using green products and since they do not cost any more than conventional green supplies, you may want to consider giving them a try and seeing the benefits first hand. If you would like to find out more about green cleaning supplies or about our green cleaning services, please feel free to get into touch with Greenforce Clean Team anytime.

4 Amazing Things You Can Expect from Our House Cleaning Services


Keeping the house clean can be a challenging and exhausting task, especially when you have a large family living with you. These chores can reduce your quality of life and prevent you from doing the many things you love. This is where our cleaning services in San Francisco, California can assist you. So what can you expect from our exceptional house cleaning services?

  1. Green Cleaning

    We offer superb house cleaning services that involve keeping everything within the home tidy and organized. We can also personalize our services to meet your needs and schedule. However, the main benefit of our house cleaning services is the fact we only use green and natural products. This means our services are not only more affordable but also healthier. Many modern products contain harmful toxins that can cause health issues such as asthma or provoke allergies. By using green products, these are issues you do not have to worry about.

  2. Window Cleaning

    Not only are we able to keep your home clean and tidy, but we can also keep your windows shiny and clear. By using natural products, we can ensure your windows are always looking their best.

  3. Convenience

    We understand how busy your day is. To help make life a bit more convenient, we are able to tailor our services to meet your needs. It does not matter if you are single and living alone or have children and pets. We can help keep your home clean, according to your own specifications by using non-toxic cleaning products.

  4. No Worries

    It can be a scary thought leaving your house to strangers. However, you can trust us to look out for the overall safety of your property. We offer damage and theft protection and only hire experienced professionals with clean backgrounds. This is so you can rest easy knowing that you are only receiving the very best cleaning services possible.

Those are just a few of the many things you can expect from our exceptional home cleaning in San Francisco. If you would like to find out more about our services, the products we use, and how we can benefit you, please feel free to get in touch with Greenforce Clean Team anytime.