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    Questions to Ask Before Hiring House Cleaning Services

    January 24, 2024 GF by Greenforce Staff

    In this post, we have enlisted some necessary questions that need to be asked for hiring house cleaning services in the city of San Francisco. Since you may never know what comes after, you must be a little smart when hiring. So, let us start.

    What is Their Charge, and What Does it Include?

    This is the first and most important question to ask the house cleaning services in San Francisco. Make sure that you keep the chargeable price in a transparent format in order to avoid unwanted arguments over the quoted price. Also, inquire about what they are offering under each quotation so that you can later claim things.

    Ask if They are Insured

    Cleaning services have the least liability and workers’ compensation insurance. Even if they have, just don’t take your word for it; you may ask for proof. If something breaks or falls accidentally during the cleaning process, check whether it will be covered by the company’s insurance or worker’s compensation coverage.

    What Type of Products Do You Use While Cleaning the House?

    The cleaning services bring their own cleaning products. Professional cleaners usually get their own products and know how to use them safely and effectively. Make sure you know what they are doing and what to expect. Find out if they do their own cleaning, what cleaning solutions they use, etc.

    If you have any special hardwood or dark floors that clean the edges of your table, you need to mention them and also ensure the cleaners use the right products. The best professional cleaning company will gladly consider your specifications and use products that suit your home interiors. You may also ask about green cleaning solutions, which are non-toxic cleaners that are healthy for the environment and safe for your children and pets.

    How Many Years Have They Been In Business?

    Try to work with cleaning services that have been doing business for years. Experience can greatly impact the quality of work provided by cleaners.

    Ask if They can Provide At Least Three References

    The service company should easily be able to provide references of former customers. After you get the list, you can call and check them out. You may also find an online overview of their facility. Make sure the cleaning services have a good reputation and are friendly when you call them.

    How do They Test Their Staff?

    House cleaning services usually provide at least local and federal background checks. They take their safety and security seriously and closely monitor their employees.

    What Kind of Training Do Their Employees Receive?

    After the professional cleaning company recruits its staff, it must be trained to provide high-quality, efficient, and fast cleaning. Asking this question will help you gain insight into their learning mindset. Training requires high-quality cleaning in a limited time.

    What Type of Quality Control Do They Have?

    You can ask the cleaning service how they check the quality of their work. The work team leaders are usually responsible for checking all the learner’s work before they go. Some may even organize random inspections for the various requirements. The best of them will contact you and ask you how fast the cleaners reached. Ensure you inquire about these things, as you must know how the cleaning company takes your satisfaction seriously.


    Whenever you plan to hire cleaning services, ask these questions to prevent you from connecting with the wrong provider.

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